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Rick Leal

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The Hispanic Medal of Honor Society is dedicated to promoting an awareness of the patriotism, gratitude, and loyalty which Hispanic Americans have for the United States. We honor the sacrifices of all who serve in the US Military Armed Forces to protect the freedom that we Americans enjoy.

The Hispanic Medal of Honor Society focuses on the stories of sacrifice of Latinos. We believe it is necessary to give visibility to their stories, because the general public is just not aware of that fact that Latinos have been contributing to the strength and safety of the United States since it's foundation.

Sixty years ago, General Jonathan M. Wainwright, in an article published in Pageant June 1950, stated.
"I can't forget the Latin-American boys shed their blood fabulously during the World War II; 80% of the names on San Antonio's casualty lists were names of Latin Americans."

The Hispanic Medal of Honor Society believes that an awareness of the military contributions of Hispanics to the United States will be a uniting, unifying force. We are a nation of diverse Americans.

We are together engaged in a battle for the future freedom of our nation, at home and abroad. The opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is only possible in a nation which respects life and the individual. We pay homage to the dedication, bravery and sacrifices of all the noble men and women, giants, who have put the welfare of others before themselves. To them America is eternally indebted. God bless them and God bless America.

Rick Leal, President, Hispanic Medal of Honor

Richard Cochran,
Executive Director

Rick Leal,

Rick and Rick
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