The Hispanic Medal of
Honor Society is a 501C3
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The Mission
of the Hispanic Medal of Honor Society (HMOH) is to provide and to facilitate the full recognition of Hispanics who have been awarded the Nation's Highest and Most Prestigious Military Award for VALOR in combat against an enemy of the United States...

The Society's "Legacy of Valor" exhibit is a prominent display of artifacts, memorabilia, photos and examples of the Heroism of Hispanic recipients of the MEDAL OF HONOR. The exhibit serves as a traveling museum describing and displaying the personal acts of VALOR of Hispanics in the United States Military. The exhibits highlights the SIXTY (60) MEDAL OF HONOR recipients of Hispanic descent, as well as Hispanic Prisoners of War, Astronauts and Civic Leaders. The Hispanic Medal of Honor Society believes that an awareness of the military contributions of Hispanics to the United States will be a uniting, unifying force. As a nation of diverse Americans the exhibit emphasizes the pursuit of happiness and pay homage to the dedication, bravery and sacrifices of all the noble men and women, who have put the welfare of others before themselves. To them AMERICA IS ETERNALLY INDEBTED...
God bless America...

Rick Leal, President, Hispanic Medal of Honor


Hispanic Medal of Honor Society wishes to thank
Delia Huffman
for her generous support
to HMOH and this website.



Richard  Cochran, 
Vice President and
Executive Director


Rick and Rick
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Rick Leal,