Photo Gallery


The Photos below were taken at the
Nevada Military Support Alliance Gala in May of 2012.
This event took place at the Silver Legacy Hotel in Reno.

Gallery 1
Pre Gala photos.

Gallery 1

Gallery 7 Gallery 7
Pictures from the Gala
Gallery 2
Pre Gala photos.
Gallery 2 Gallery 8 Gallery 8
Various dignitaries and MOH Rudy Hernandez
Gallery 3
This Gallery is comprised of pictures from the airport when MOH Rudy Hernandez arrived.
Gallery 3 Gallery 9 Gallery 9
This gallery consists of pictures from the Gala and speakers onstage.

Gallery 4

Pre Gala dinner At Gen. Bath's

Gallery 4

Gallery 10 Gallery 10
Marcus Lattrell rivets the audience.
Gallery 5

Dress Rehearsal - Skunk Baxter interview

Gallery 5

Gallery 11 Gallery 11
Post gala Photos I
Gallery 6
Cocktails at Sterling's - Meet and greet for MOH Rudy Hernandez

Gallery 6

Gallery 12 Gallery 12
Post gala Photos II